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Places of Interest along the Ridgeway (Czech Republic)

Jizerka The highest mountain settlement located in the Jizera Mountains. Formerly a glassmaking centre, now an important tourist crossroad. Its dominant feature is Mt. Bukovec. Show on Map Website   Rašeliniště Jizerky
(Jizerka Moorland)
22_Moor_von_Jizerka.jpg Protected moorlands along the meandering of the Jizera River and their tributaries, with the oldest nature trail in the Jizera Mountains. Show on Map Website 
  Na Čihadle 23_Na_Cihadle .jpg Reservation featuring endangered flora (Scheuchzeria palustris) and fauna (Black Grouse, Common Rosefinch) and characteristic peaty pools. Show on Map Website

  Krásná Maří 24.jpg One of the best known Jizera Mountain lookouts, above the gorge of Velký Štolpich. From the rock there is an entrancing view of the Frýdlant promontory and Upper Lusatia.  Show on Map Website     The Jizera Mountain Beechwood Forest 25.jpg A favourite location among tourists and climbers. It includes a number of rock formations, lookouts, memorials, and  the highest waterfall in the Jizera Mountains, called Velký Štolpich. Show on Map Website   Oldřichov Groves and Rocks 26_Naturlehrpfad.jpg Rock maze with granite rocks above the wild valley of Oldřichov stream, featuring a number of remarkable rock massifs, towers, and rock lookouts. Show on Map Website

27_Stausee_Kristina.jpg Quarry lake not far from Hrádek nad Nisou; today it serves as a recreational area for swimming, surfing, and practicing other water sports. Show on Map Website
  Grabštejn Castle  28_Burg_Grabstein.jpg Original Gothic-style castle from the 13th century, situated a short way from Hrádek nad Nisou. There is a valuable Renaissance chapel of St. Barbara, with precious illumination and movables. Show on Map Website   Protržená přehrada (Ruptured Dam) 29_Talsperre.jpg Remains of the dam which ruptured in 1916 and swept away part of the nearby town, Desná. The remains remind us of the biggest dam disaster in the history of the Czech lands. Show on Map Website

Přehrada Souš
(The Souš Reservoir)
30_Talsperre_Sous.jpg Reservoir with an earth-filled dam on the Black Neisse River; it supplies drinking water for Jablonec nad Nisou and Tanvald. Show on Map Website
  Černá Studnice
31_Schwarzbrunnenberg.jpg Dominant peak of the landscape around Jablonec nad Nisou. At the top, there is a tourist chalet with a stone lookout tower. Show on Map Website
  Jablonec nad Nisou
32_Jablonec.jpg Town well-known for making glass and costume jewellery; it is a gateway into the Jizera Mountains. It features extraordinary Art Nouveau sights, and is the cultural and sport centre of the area. Show on Map Website

Rašovka 33_Aussichtsturm_Rasovka.jpg 19,5 m high brick lookout tower with a view of the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains. It was built in place of a burnt-down inn, „V Trnčí“, in 2006. Show on Map Website   Mt. Ještěd 34_Jested.jpg It is the dominant feature of Northern Bohemia, and a symbol of Liberec with a ski centre on its slopes. At the top there is a television transmitter and a hotel awarded the Perret Prize for architecture. Show on Map Website   Kryštofovo Údolí
(Kryštof Valley)
35_Christofsgrund.jpg Village monument zone 8 km from Liberec. There is an early Baroque-style wooden church and Museum of Nativity Scenes. Another curiosity is the first rural astronomical clock. Show on Map Website

Sloní kameny
(The Elephant Rocks)
36_Elefantensteine.jpg White, rounded rock formations which bear a resemblance to the backs of giant resting elephants.  Several small blocks form a moderate rock city. Show on Map Website
  Ruin of Roimund Castle
37_burgruine_roimund.jpg Remains of the 14th-century castle, which served as a base of marauding expeditions to Upper Lusatia. Parts of the fortification, moat, and rampart are preserved. Show on Map Website
  Ruin of Starý Falkenburk Castle 38_Burgruine_Falkenburg.jpg Remnants of the 14th-century castle, featuring noticeable remains of a gate and palace, an oval pit – probably the remains of a tower – and part of a peripheral wall, which have survived to this day. Show on Map Website

39_Hochwald.jpg One of the most important hills in the Lusatian Mountains. The lookout tower at the top provides a beautiful panoramic view of the Zittau Mountains, the Jizera Mountains, and the Giant Mountains. Show on Map Website
40_Lausche.jpg The highest point of the Lusatian Mountains provides a magnificent view from the Ore Mountains to the Jizera Mountains, to Poland and Germany. There is an observation platform at the top. Show on Map Website