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Places of Interest along the Ridgeway (Germany)

Historical Town Hall
01_Rathaus_Zittau.jpg The 770 years old baroque Town Hall on the Three-Country-Point impresses with a worth watching ensemble of town planning. The Town Hall was built in 1845 in the style of the italian renaissance. Show on Map Website
  Green Ring
02_Gruener_Ring.jpg The Zittau Path of Monuments connects since 1914 52 sights: Marstall, Butcher Bastion with flower clock, municipal swimming pool, Big Lenten Veil of Zittau from 1472 ... Show on Map Website
  German Damask- and Towelling-Museum 03_Damastmuseum.jpg Unique in the textile village Großschönau are the valuable Damasks, noble tapestries from three centuries, a show workshop and as a special rarity of hand-towelling-loom. Show on Map Website

04_Naturparkhaus_Waltersdorf.jpg Here you find an information- and visitor-centre for the Nature-Park „Zittau Mountains“ in the historical building „Niederkretscham“ with a permanent show and the Tourist-Information. Show on Map Website
  Hill „Lausche“
793 m
05_Lausche.jpg The prominent phonolite conus is the highest mountain in the Nature-Park „Zittau Mountains“. From here you have a gorgeous view: Erz Montains, bohemian low mountain range, Lusatian Mountains, Upper Lusatia. Show on Map Website
  Castle and Monatery
Hill Oybin, 514 m
06_Burg_Oybin.jpg A beauty spot in Saxony. The rock which looks like a beehive is crowned with the romantic ruins of the bohemian monatery complex from the 14. century. Show on Map Website

Prospect Hill „Hochwald“
749 m
07_Hochwald.jpg From the plateau of the „Hochwald-Mountain-Hut“ and the in the year of 1892 built tower a grandiose panorama view opens to the nothern bohemian mountains, which inspired estwhile C. D. Friedrich. Show on Map Website
  Natural Monument „Kelchstein“ Oybin 07_Hochwald.jpg A landmark of the Nature-Park „Zittau Mountains“. Impressive is the scenery with many everybodies phantasie inspiring rock-figures: monk, lokomotive, satans head, stone roses. Show on Map     Millstone-Quarry
Health Resort Jonsdorf
09_Muehlsteinbrueche_Jonsdorf.jpg A nature trail leads to evidences of the 350 years old history of sandstone-mines to manufacuture millstones and to the geological monuments „Big and Small Organ“. Show on Map

Health Resort Jonsdorf
10_Nonnenfelsen_Jonsdorf.jpg Through the so called „Gypsy-Rooms“ the most beautiful climbing leads to very bizarre rocks with viewpoint, via ferrata and to the in the year of 1860 first built Mountain Inn. Show on Map
  Lake Olbersdorf 11_Olbersdorfer_See.jpg On the 60 hectare large lake, a mining following landscape, in the midst of the Nature-Park, walkers, cyclist, bathers and water sportsmen have found their own oasis. Show on Map Website   Heavens Bridge
12_Himmelsbruecke_Hainewalde.jpg The in the year of 1832 built Mandau-Bridge is manufacutured of sandstone-squares; in vernacular it is called „Ox-Bridge“; this is an emblem in the location of Hainewalde. Show on Map

Kranitz – Crypt
13_Gruft_Hainewalde.jpg This is one of the most magnificent baroque crypt-chappels in the Upper Lusatia from 1715. From the Mandau-bikeway a short trip to the church-yard is advisable. Show on Map Website
  Upper Lausatia
half-timbered houses
14_Oberlausitzer_Umgebindehaeuser.jpg This kind of buildings are singular in Europe; this from the 17. - 20. century manufacutred architecture is formative for the places. Worth watching are: Bertsdorf, Hainewalde, Großschönau, Waltersdorf, Health Resort Jonsdorf. Show on Map Website
15_Barfussweg_Mittelherwigsdorf.jpg An experience with 15 stations: barefooted in the grass, on pepple stones, brush wood, in deep mud and with some curage through the river Mandau. Show on Map Website

Big Stone, 471 m
16_Grosser_Stein_Leutersdorf.jpg This is a geological rarity on the Lausatian Mountains path. The silhouette of the smaller peaks looks like the profile of the poet J. W. von Goethe – and so it is called „Goethe-Head“. Show on Map Website
  White Stone
17_Weisser_Stein_Spitzkunnersdorf.jpg A 6 m high quartz rock in the wood is in the colloquial speech called „Karasek-Cave“. This is the place where the robber chief Karasek met once upon a time met his people. Show on Map Website
18_Leinenwebertag_Seifhennersdorf.jpg An interesting experience day for families offers the „Karasek-Museum“ in Seifhennersdorf with market bustle and many things to learn about the tradition of Hand-Linen-Weavery. Show on Map

Potter-Mountain-Hut, 582 m
19_Toepferbaude_Oybin.jpg Built in the year of 1860 as the first of its kind in the „Zittau Mountains“. Best sight to photograph from the rock portal to splendid rock buildings like the so called „Incubating Hen“. Show on Map Website
  Narrow-gauge Railway
20_Zittauer_Schmalspurbahn.jpg Since 1890 the narrow-gauge railway drives every day through the „Zittau Mountains“. You can experience this traditional steam engine in the stations in Bertsdorf and Olbersdorf. Show on Map Website