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Tour Offers

Hiking Beautiful Views
along the Ridgeway
The view rocks „Lausche“ (793 m) and High Forest (Hochwald) (749 m) – the most beautiful hiking experience in the nature park „Zittau Mountains“.
  Hiking | Circular Path On Historical
Commercial Routes
On the road on hundreds of years old cobblestones and mail commercial routes to the rests of an old duty and conduct castle.
  Hiking | Circular Path Within the Magic
of the Oybin Rocks
A romantic experience in the middle of unspoiled nature. The rocks galerie in the valley of Oybin is an area of great scenic beauty.

Hiking | Circular Path Experience of Nature Mill-
stone Quarries of Jonsdorf
A treasure of nature with geological and botanical exceptions. It´s a testemony for the 350 years old history in building millstones.
  Hiking Landmark Trail
Resort Waltersdorf
The appearance of the locality is dominated by characteristical Upper Lusatian half-timbered houses from the 17th - 19th century – a mirror image for the rich cultural assets in the natural reserve Zittau Mountains.
  Cycling The Ridge-Bikeway
in the Nature Park
A relaxing ride hike from the Lusatian Neisse in the Three-Countries-Area to the lake „Olbersdorfer See“ and along the blue band of the river „Mandau“.

Cycling In the Neisse-Valley to
Convent St. Marienthal
On the Oder-Neisse-Bike-Path from the Three-Countries-Point near Zittau to the eldest Cistercian Convent of Germany near Ostritz.
  Cycling Half-timbered-House
The most beautiful bike ride through the nature park Zittau Mountains. Idyllic villages with their the view of the place dominating architecture of the Upper Lusatian Half-timbered Houses.
  Skiing | Circular Path Skiing Tour High Forest
(„Hochwald“) Round
The ridge mountain hut in Oybin / Hain is the best starting point for an easy skiing tour around the view hill High Forest („Hochwald“).