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The „Ridgeway“ - A special Saxon-Bohemian hiking tour experience

In 2001 an ambitious project which partly includes courses of the road from the original „Blue Ridgeway“ (Blauer Kammweg) started. It is aimed to connect the Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland via Lusatia and Zittau Mountains with „Jeschken“-Ridge and Jizera Mountains to the hill „Snow Mountain“ (Schneekoppe) in the Giant Mountains (Riesengebirge). Under an internet portal exists, where the Jizera Mountains-Main Street in Poland is described as the northern part of the Jizera Mountains from Olbersdorf near Friedland / Albrechtice u Frydlanto to Kalthal / Orle (see also: Course of the Road, 5th Chapter). In a „Target-3-Project“ of the European Union between the administrative district Görlitz (Landkreis Görlitz) and Liberecky kray the connection of the new ridgeway with Zittau and Lusatian Mountain and its continuance via „Jeschken“ Mountains back to Jizera Mountains was developed. With this project likewise the whole western Part of the Jizera Mountains is connected via a circular path.