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A Piece of Europe


The „Ridgeway“ is one passage of the european long-distance walking trail „E 3“ from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea in the „Euroregion Neisse – Nisa – Nysa“ at the tri-border region of Germany – Czech Republic - Poland.
The „E 3“ starts in Santiago de Compostella, the spanish place of pilgrimage, and leads along the classical pilgrimage route „Way of St. James“ across the Pyrenees to France an further on to Belgium and Luxembourg.
In Germany the „E 3“ leads through the territory of Saarwood – Hunsrueck (region of Rhineland-Palatinate) – Taunus - „Vogelsberg“ - Franconian Forest - „Fichtel Mountains“ - Rhoen Mountains – Thurinigan Forest – Ore Mountains – Saxon Switzerland.
In front of the Ore Mountains the way branches into two directions, a saxony line north of the Ridgeway and a bohemian beyond on the area of the Czech Republic in the south. At the river Elbe both ways join together. In the Czech Republic the „E 3“ leads through Bohemian Switzerland – Lusatian Mountains – Jeschken Mountains – Jizera Mountains – Giant Mountains - „Altvater“ Mountains – Beskids.
From the Lusatian Mountains across the Zittau Mountains on the german side to the Jizera Mountains the „Ridgeway“ escorts the international long-distance walking trail „E 3“. Through Slovakia it goes to Hungary. In Romania in the direction from Bulgaria to Cape Emine at the Black Sea, a continious connection of the „Ridgeway“ is targeted.