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Hiking on the Ridgeway

I don´t have any words to describe the uniqueness of the nature, landscape, culture and constuction of the buildings in the Nature-Park „Zittau Mountains“. I think, it´s the best to set off together.
If we have climed curagefull the mountains or peaks, we will be immidiately rewarded with a breathteaking view. Volcanic hill tops and bizarre rock formations catch our attention and animate our fantasy. Cheeky and cheerful sparkling creeks and rivers, which meander mercurally through picturesque valleys and romantic villages with half-timbered houses – cheeky smartened and clinging into the mountains characterize our Nature-Park „Zittau Mountains“ in its unique and charming kind. A little bit Saxon, a little bit Bohemian – among our way we get charmed once more with every step.
Our foodpath leads us (28 km) into the Nature-Park „Zittau Mountains“ from Hradek n. N. via Harthau and Eichgraben in the direction of the „Devil´s Mill“ in Oybin, pasted the hill „Schafstein“ (569 m) to Lückendorf. Here is the view hill „Hochwald“ (749 m) ahead of us. Than it goes on via the grove to the Health Resort Jonsdorf, past the millstone-mines, the Wood-Stage and through the so called „Gypsy-Rooms“ to the Nun-Rocks and then in the direction of the hill „Lausche“ (793 m). On the Hollow-Stoneway now it goes to the hiking-wayside-cross near the „Waltersdorf Guard“. Here we get most beautiful sights. At the „Lauscheborn“ we can have a side trip to the peak of the hill „Lausche“, further on the „Lausche-Ridgeway“ and than we walk together on the european long-distance waking trail E 3 on the Ridgeway in the direction of „Trollenstein“ in the Czech Republic.

The Ridgeway leads in its czech part predominantly along interesting ridgeway routes; there are many hiking-ways. The Ridgeway has a northern and a southern way, both start in Jezerka (Small Jezera Mountains). The northern way leads to the peaks of the Jezera Mountains, parade past of the Oldrichovske sedlo to the Three-Country-Point at Hradek nad Nisou (Grottau) accross the border to the german side. The southern way leads over the „Schwarzbrunn- and Jeschken-Ridgeway“ through the Lusatian Mountains and ends at the border to the Ustecky kraj. The southern route offers because of several areas of settlement with natural features some cultural supplies and sights, too. Both ridgeway-routes are advisable for all performance capability – from families with children to active tourists.