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Half-timbered-House – Bikeway
Level of Difficulty
Total Distance 34.0 km
km Stage Marking
0 Erholungsort Waltersdorf, Naturparkhaus Markierung_Umgebindehaus_Radweg.png
6.0 Kurort Jonsdorf Markierung_Umgebindehaus_Radweg.png
14.0 Hörnitz, Schloss Althörnitz Markierung_Umgebindehaus_Radweg.png
21.5 Hainewalde, Schloss Markierung_Umgebindehaus_Radweg.png
34.0 Erholungsort Waltersdorf, Naturparkhaus Markierung_Umgebindehaus_Radweg.png
Hight Profile with Stages
(Max. Height Difference 200m)
8_2_Schloss Hornitz_K.Stich.jpg
8_4_Ensemble Umgebindehauser in Bertsdorf_K.Stich.jpg
8_5_Ensemble Mandau1_R.Doring_1513.jpg

The most beautiful bike ride through the nature park Zittau Mountains. Idyllic villages with their the view of the place dominating architecture of the Upper Lusatian Half-timbered Houses.

Starting point is the nature parking ramp in the resort Waltersdorf. The native arranged view of the village impresses with its 239 protected as historic monuments half-timbered houses. The affectionate arranged doorframes are made of „Lausche“-sandstone.

1 Via Saalendorf on a path called „Stocking Way“ (Strümpfeweg) the health resort Jonsdorf is reached. Advisable to stay are the „Gondola Ride“ (Gondelfahrt) with the „Nun´s Rock“ (Nonnenfelsen), the summer theatre at the „Forest Stage“ (Waldbühne), the rustic „Weaver´s Parlour“ (Weberstube), the smart spa park and the station with the Zittau narrow-gauge railway.

2 Through the local center Hanischmühle („Hansisch Mill“) with its new culture path „Bleach Colony“ (Bleichkolonie) it goes down-hill with a brillant view. The valley Bertsdorf-Hörnitz was the nicest valley of Saxony and won a gold medal in the European Flower Contest. A short stay at the castle „Old Hörnitz“ (Alt-Hörnitz) is worthwhile.

3 Along the riverside of the river „Mandau“ the bikeway leads to Mittelherwigsdorf and the „Mill Way“ (Mühlenweg) to the „Rock Mill“ (Felsenmühle). Hainewalde a village located in the placid valley of the river „Mandau“ offers nice subjects to photograph at the castle ensemble or the Kanitz-Kyaw-Crypt at the church.

4 In Großschönau with its impressing Upper Lusatian half-timbered houses along the river „Mandau“ the German Damask- and Towelling-Museum invites the visitors. Parading past a little bath through the shady valley „Lasur“ and the village Neuschönau the way leads to the starting point.

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Tourist Information
Großschönau/Erholungsort Waltersdorf
Hauptstraße 28, 02799 Großschönau/OT Waltersdorf
Telefon: 0049 - (0)35841 - 21 46

Tourist Information Kurort Jonsdorf
Auf der Heide 11, 02796 Kurort Jonsdorf
Telefon: 0049 - (0)35844 - 70 61 6

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Wander- & Naturführer Zittauer Gebirge,
Berg- & Naturverlag Rölke, Dresden