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The Ridge-Bikeway in the Nature Park
Level of Difficulty
Total Distance 28.0 km
km Stage Marking
0 Hartau, Wanderparkplatz Markierung_Kammweg_Radweg.png
6.8 Olbersdorfer See Markierung_Kammweg_Radweg.png
18.3 Hainewalde, Schloss Markierung_Kammweg_Radweg.png
22.3 Großschönau Markierung_Kammweg_Radweg.png
28.0 Herrenwalde Markierung_Kammweg_Radweg.png
Hight Profile with Stages
(Max. Height Difference 100m)
6_1_Mandautal 1_R.Doring.jpg
6_2_Olbersdorfer See 2_R.Doring_NP.jpg
6_2_Olbersdorfer See 2_R.Doring_NP.jpg

A relaxing ride hike from the Lusatian Neisse in the Three-Countries-Area to the lake „Olbersdorfer See“ and along the blue band of the river „Mandau“.

Starting point is the hiker´s parking area in Hartau / Hradek n. N. / CZ. Through „Alt Hartau“ (Old Hartau) along the Neisse-Dam the Three-Countries-Area Germany / Czech Republic / Poland in the distance of 2 km along the river food plain is arrived.

1 At the periphery of Zittau via the „Kaiserfelder“ (Kaiser-Fields) the lake „Olbersdorfer See“ invites the guests to stay. This is a recultivated and as a lake in a former mining area created place, which was built until 1999 for the Saxony Horticultural Show. Past the castle „Althörnitz“ the bike ride leads again to the river „Mandau“ into the so called „Schülertal“.

2 From the „Rock Mill“ (Felsenmühle) in Mittelherwigsdorf it goes on into the direction of Hainewalde and in this nice village along the river course to the castle „Hainewalde“. The old moated castle there is a very good photo motif.

3 The „Himmelsbrücke“ (Heaven´s Bridge) in Hainewalde traverses the river „Mandau“ imposing. The next target is the German Damask- and Towelling-Museum in Großschönau amongst an idyllic ensemble of Upper Lusatian half-timbered houses. Behind the church the bike ride follows the little river „Lasur“ through the „Kux“ to Herrenwalde an than to Dolni Podluzi/CZ.

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Tourist Information
Großschönau/Erholungsort Waltersdorf
Hauptstraße 28, 02799 Großschönau/OT Waltersdorf
Phone: 0049 - (0)35841 - 21 46

Literature + Touristic Maps: Wander- und Radwanderkarte,
Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge/Lužické hory,
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Sachsen Kartographie GmbH Dresden

Wander- & Naturführer Zittauer Gebirge,
Berg- & Naturverlag Rölke, Dresden