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Landmark Trail Resort Waltersdorf
Level of Difficulty
Total Distance 4.0 km
km Stage Marking
0 Erholungsort Waltersdorf, Naturparkhaus
0.6 Erholungsort Waltersdorf, Niederdorf
2.1 Erholungsort Waltersdorf, Kaiserliches Postamt
2.7 Erholungsort Waltersdorf, Auf der Heide
3.5 Erholungsort Waltersdorf, Oberer Kretscham
4.0 Erholungsort Waltersdorf, Naturparkhaus
Hight Profile with Stages
(Max. Height Difference 200m)
Hohenprof_05_Denkmalpfad Waltersdorf.png


5_3_Umgebindehaus mit Blumengarten_K.Stich.jpg

The appearance of the locality is dominated by characteristical Upper Lusatian half-timbered houses from the 17th - 19th century – a mirror image for the rich cultural assets in the natural reserve Zittau Mountains.

A walk through the resort Waltersdorf starts at the nature parking ramp „Niederkretscham“ (Lower Tavern). The exposition „Nature Park Zittau Mountains“ shows a lot of suggestions and trip tips. From the 600 years old Building „Lower Tavern“ (Niederkretscham) there are only some footsteps to walk to the Ethnological and Mill Museum.

1 Very nice constructed and decorative slate-panelled half-timbered houses with sun-motives on the gable and artfully sandstone-doorframes made of sandstone from Waltersdorf can be found everywhere in the village.

The pride of the village is the birth house of the composer and  director Dr. phil. Friedrich Schneider. A memorial beside the old imperial post office honours the court conductor of the Anhaltinian Court of Dessau.

2 Several half-timbered houses with in Bohemian architecture constructed planks-upper floors are Upper Lusatian exceptions. You can see the biggest Upper Lusatian house-spring („Hausborn") in Waltersdorf: Auf der Heide, Nr. 2.

3 Bohemian expatriates built Olbersdorf, where the former Upper Tavern („Oberkretscham“) and the „Sun Hill Mountain Hut“ (Sonnenbergbaude) are. From here the hike goes via bright outlook meadow ways along the „Butter-Hill“ (Butterberg) towards the nature parking ramp.

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Tourist Information
Großschönau/Erholungsort Waltersdorf
Hauptstraße 28, 02799 Großschönau/OT Waltersdorf
Telefon: 0049 - (0)35841 - 21 46

Literature + Touristic Maps: Wander- und Radwanderkarte,
Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge/Lužické hory,
M 1 : 33 000,
Sachsen Kartographie GmbH Dresden

Wander- & Naturführer Zittauer Gebirge,
Berg- & Naturverlag Rölke, Dresden