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Experience of Nature Millstone Quarries of Jonsdorf
Hiking | Circular Path
Level of Difficulty
Total Distance 4.0 km
km Stage Marking
0 Jonsdorf, Parkplatz an der Sternwarte Markierung_gruener_diagonaler_Strich.png
1.5 Bärloch Markierung_gruener_diagonaler_Strich.png
2.8 Schwarze Loch Markierung_gruener_diagonaler_Strich.png
3.5 Jonsdorfer Orgel Markierung_gruener_diagonaler_Strich.png
4.1 Alpenpfad Markierung_gruener_diagonaler_Strich.png
4.2 Johndorf, Parkplatz an der Sternwarte Markierung_gruener_diagonaler_Strich.png
Hight Profile with Stages
(Max. Height Difference 130m)
4_1_Drei Tische_K.Stich.jpg
4_3_Kleine Orgel_K.Stich.jpg

A treasure of nature with geological and botanical exceptions. It´s a testemony for the 350 years old history in building millstones.

The geological genesis of the Zittau Mountains startet with sedimentations in the cretaceous age. Vulcanic activity with basalt and phonolite broke through the sandstone and changed its structure. Following erosions created bizarre rock formations and show geological rarities.

1 Near the „Three Tables“ (Drei Tische) it goes on the stone-breakers trails into the eldest millstone quarries, called „Bear  Cave“ (Bärloch), where in the year of 1560 the quarry started. „White-Rock-Quarry! (Weiße-Felsen-Bruch) and „Kellerberg-Quarry“ (Kellerbergbruch) are stations an the trail to the old quarry-smithy.

The „Black Whole“ (Schwarzes Loch), the biggest and most impressive quarry is likewise a tourist mine, which shows the living of stone-breakers. The millstones from Jonsdorf with a diameter of 0,50 – 2,70 m are very hard and porous.

2 The following „Rock City“ of Jonsdorf is a natural reserve which delights with fantastic views and fabulous rock formations: the Small and Big Organ (Kleine und Große Orgel), Dwarf, Rhinoceros, Saint Bernard (Bernhardiner), Tea Pot ...

The romantic mountain trail leads us through the rock world back into the village. At the observatory a rockmade information board explains the Zittau Mountains and informs about occuring minerals.

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Tourist Information Kurort Jonsdorf
Auf der Heide 11, 02796 Kurort Jonsdorf
Phone: 0049 - (0)35844 - 70 61 6

Literature + Touristic Maps: Wander- und Radwanderkarte,
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M 1 : 33 000,
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