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Within the Magic of the Oybin Rocks
Hiking | Circular Path
Level of Difficulty
Total Distance 11.0 km
km Stage Marking
0 Oybin, Parkplatz Markierung_roter_Strich.png
1.0 Berg Oybin Markierung_roter_Strich.png
3.0 Hausgrund Markierung_gruener_Punkt.png
6.7 Töpfer Markierung_gelber_Punkt.png
8.2 Große Felsengasse Markierung_gelber_Punkt.png
11.0 Oybin, Parkplatz Markierung_gelber_Strich.png
Hight Profile with Stages
(Max. Height Difference 200m)
Hohenprof_03_Zauber der Felsen.png
3_1_Berg Oybin mit Bergkirche_K.Stich.jpg
3_2_Burg und Kloster Oybin_K.Stich.jpg
3_3_Felsentor Topfer_K.Stich.jpg
3_4_Brutende Henne_K.Stich.jpg

A romantic experience in the middle of unspoiled nature. The rocks galerie in the valley of Oybin is an area of great scenic beauty.

1 Very close to the bottom of the Oybin Rock, 514 m, clings the hiking trail to the rock, wich looks like a beehave. High up on the rock there are the mysterious ruins of abbey and castle.

2 Across the „Thomasweg“ and „Poetenweg“ the hiking leads to the „Hausgrund“ with its romantic view over the „Hausgrund“ pond on the Oybin Abbey.

3 From the Devil´s Mill steep trails come upwards along the cave „Gratz“. The rock „Potter“, 582 m, is a well-liked hiking target with mountain inn. Worth seeing is the famous rock gate, the rocks called „Fledgling“, „Brooding Hen“, „Sphinx“ and some additional rock sculptures as wind and weather created them.

The rock „Schafenstein“, 569 m, invites to climb up. Under volcanic influence „The Great Rock Snickleway“ was formed as a nature work of art. The near climbing rocks have fine-sounding names: „Monk´s Pulpit“, „Cabinet Tower“, „Abbot“ or „Devil´s Head“. Attention deserves to „Shell Hall“ and the wonderful view over the Oybin hollow. On the „Fürstensteig“ a slight detour leads to the natural landmark „Kelchstein“.

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Tourist Information Oybin
Haus des Gastes
Hauptstraße 15, 02797 Oybin
Phone: 0049 - (0)35844 - 73 31 1

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