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On Historical Commercial Routes
Hiking | Circular path
Level of Difficulty
Total Distance 15.0 km
km Stage Marking
0 Hartau, Wanderparkplatz Markierung_gruener_Strich.png
4.0 Weißbachtal, Böhmisches Tor Markierung_gelber_Strich.png
7.5 Lückendorf, Sommerberg Markierung_gruener_Punkt.png
9.7 Lückendorf, Fuchskanzel Markierung_roter_Punkt.png
10.2 Lückendorf, Karlsfried Markierung_roter_Punkt.png
13.5 Hartau, Rohrhäusel Markierung_roter_Punkt.png
15.0 Hartau, Wanderparkplatz Markierung_roter_Punkt.png
Hight Profile with Stages
(Max. Height Difference 250m)
Hohenprof_02_Historische Handelwege.png
2_2_Kirche Luckendorf_K.Stich.jpg
2_4_Ruine Karlsfried_K.Stich.jpg
2_5_Rohrhausel Hartau_K.Stich.jpg

On the road on hundreds of years old cobblestones and mail commercial routes to the rests of an old duty and conduct castle.

Enjoy silence and perfect forest idyll in the deeply cutted valley of the river „Weißbach“. The river „Weißbach“ marks the course of the border to the Czech Republic. Stations along the way are „Gipsies Corner“ (Zigeunerwinkel) and the high rising Bohemian Gate.

1 The climatic health-resort lies picturesquely on the sunny side  of the mountains, bordered by the ridge and the hill „Brandhöhe“. The view from the „Summerhill“ (Sommerberg) into the valley follows the Napoleonic Fieldworks lined way called „Alte Gabler Straße“.

2 The view from the rock „Fox Pulpit“ (Fuchskanzel), 531 m, wanders to the towers of Zittau and its surroundings in the Three-Countries-Area Germany – Czech Republic – Poland. Prominent climbing rocks as the so calles „Eagle Owl Rocks“ (Uhusteine) and the „Diana-Walls“ (Dianawände) lay immediately at their feet.

3 Paths in the surroundings of the castle „Karlsfried“ as the „Castle Moat Way“ (Schloßgraben) at the old wall and some details of the fortification from the old duty and conduct castle point on the old buildings. Only some ruins tell of the more than 700 years old history.

4 The Upper Lusatian „Ringway“ (Ringweg), marked with a red point, leads on the swath „Mauksch“ down-hill to Hartau´s so called „Röhrhäusel“, this technical landmark which was built in 1726 shows the history of the supply of water in Zittau.

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Tourist Information Zittau Rathaus
Markt 1, 02763 Zittau
Phone: 0049 - (0)3583 - 75 22 00

Tourist Information Oybin
Haus des Gastes
Hauptstraße 15, 02797 Oybin
Phone: 0049 - (0)35844 - 73 31 1

Literature + Touristic Maps: Wander- und Radwanderkarte,
Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge/Lužické hory,
M 1 : 33 000,
Sachsen Kartographie GmbH Dresden

Wander- & Naturführer Zittauer Gebirge,
Berg- & Naturverlag Rölke, Dresden