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Beautiful Views along the Ridgeway
Level of Difficulty
Total Distance 16.0 km
km Stage Marking
0 Waltersdorf, Parkplatz am Butterberg Markierung_gelber_Strich.png
2.8 Waltersdorf, Lauscheborn Markierung_gruener_Strich.png
5.3 Waltersdorf, Wache (über Lauschegipfel) Markierung_blauer_Strich.png
7.3 Jonsdorf, Nonnenfelsen Markierung_blauer_Strich.png
8.7 Jonsdorf, Drei Tische Markierung_blauer_Strich.png
14.0 Oybin, Hochwald Markierung_blauer_Strich.png
16.0 Oybin/OT Hain Markierung_blauer_Strich.png
Hight Profile with Stages
(Max. Height Difference 200m)

The view rocks „Lausche“ (793 m) and High Forest (Hochwald) (749 m) – the most beautiful hiking experience in the nature park „Zittau Mountains“.

1 From the parking area in Waltersdorf at the „Butter Rock“ (Butterberg) it goes via delightful meadow ways and the „Ropemaker´s Stairs“ (Seilerstiege) in the broadleaf forest towards the „Lauscheborn“. Here the ridgeway is arrived. The attractive target is a wide view from the peak of the rock „Lausche“.

The way back leads with sensational views via the southeysterly Upper Lusatia to the Guard of Waltersdorf. Here at the wayside cross passed in former times an old commercial route, called „Kingsroad“ (Königsweg) or „Trumpery Street“ (Plunderstraße), which connected Upper Lusatia with Bohemia.

2 Via a broad forest road, called „Hohlsteinweg“, the „Nons Rocks“ of Jonsdorf are reached. Worth visiting in geological interesting are the rock formations und the viewing rock above the mountain inn.

3 Near the old sports field the natural landmark „Three tables“ (Drei Tische) and „Bärwandkopf“ overtops the treetops. Here at the beginning of the nature trail „Millstone Quarries“ (Mühlsteinbrüche) of Jonsdorf once was the entrance to the eldest quarry, called „Bear Hole“ (Bärloch).

4 Through the component locality Oybin/Hain, by the rock „Johannisstein“ the ridgeway leads uphill to the High Forest (Hochwald), the view mountain in nature park Zittau Mountains with a tower, viewing platform and two mountain inns. It is possible to go back with a bus from the mountain line.

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Tourist Information
Großschönau/Erholungsort Waltersdorf
Hauptstraße 28, 02799 Großschönau/OT Waltersdorf
Phone: 0049 - (0)35841 - 21 46

Tourist Information Kurort Jonsdorf
Auf der Heide 11, 02796 Kurort Jonsdorf
Phone: 0049 - (0)35844 - 70 61 6

Tourist Information Oybin
Haus des Gastes
Hauptstraße 15, 02797 Oybin
Phone: 0049 - (0)35844 - 73 31 1

Literature + Touristic Maps: Wander- und Radwanderkarte,
Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge/Lužické hory,
M 1 : 33 000,
Sachsen Kartographie GmbH Dresden

Wander- & Naturführer Zittauer Gebirge,
Berg- & Naturverlag Rölke, Dresden